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My first ever Dolan and I went into it with much trepidation. His style seemed so self-indulgent and overstuffed to me and the whole thing seemed like just the sort of thing I’m likely to hate and get angry over. But then this morning I realized it had Melvil Poupaud in it and that changed the equation a fair bit.

So, Yes. The film is extremely fussy and self-conscious and plays like a music video but both the writing of the central relationship as well as Poupaud and Clement’s performances give it genuine heart. I didn’t care for a bunch of the digressions – the drag queens, the crazy ball sequence (although they are both delicious to look at even if in a purely vapid way) and the stuff with the father and so on was just weird. But the film’s eschewing of the whole “Love will keep us alive” motto while still being achingly romantic and its portrayal of how relationships can stand in conflict with one’s own personal growth/goals is enough to make me endorse the film. Also, Poupaud is the most gorgeous man in the world ❤