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Moment | 1968

The opening composition is arresting and carefully composed especially against the bright red background but then it’s just her smoking and masturbating. I didn’t get it.

Dirty | 1964

This one’s much more fun and joyous. Two girls lie in bed drinking wine from a bottle, tossing the bottle to each other, fondling each other’s breasts and generally making out. Except all this is shot with much formalism and that eerie soundtrack that’s common to all the Dwoskin films I’ve seen so far. Lovely sense of rhythm with the camera freezes and the slow-motion.

Dyn Amo | 1973

Whoa. Avant garde horror ftw. The entire film is set in what resembles a strip club stage. The film begins innocuously enough with a stripper going through her act set to pop music. It’s neither glamorized nor particularly commented upon – not yet anyway. But then once she’s done two more strippers follow and this time the music isn’t quite so friendly. That surrealistic music takes over instead and the routines become more fantastical and start to look a bit more grotesque and sad. But it’s with the fourth stripper that the film really moves into nightmare territory as the girl is poked, prodded, bound, beaten and generally molested into submission by four men that look like they’re in a performance themselves. It’s horrifying but in a really stylized, choreographed way. The last few minutes where all we see is the woman’s face as she mouths words that we can barely make out are the most harrowing. The whole thing is really mesmerizing and trippy. LOOOVED this one although it’s still second to Behindert for me.