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This might be the funniest of the Chabrol films I’ve watched so far. I’m starting to observe a lot of sly humor in these movies even beyond the writing and the always hilarious family dinners. For instance, I love how the little kid (who plays Jean Yanne’s son) in Que la Bête Meure bears a much more striking resemblance to Duchaussoy and here again, Bonnaire and Huppert look so much like each other that even in the early parts of the film, before Huppert really appears on screen (and the narrative pushes us towards this comparison), I found myself noticing just how much Bonnaire looks like her.

The more typical Chabrol humor I’ve now gotten accustomed to is present too with the bourgeois family getting all dressed up just to watch opera on the television! And the shot where the camera pans up to the two women standing on the stairs looking down at the family is just glorious. Wicked movie.