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Such a wonderfully odd film. Disorienting at a whole bunch of different levels. Firstly, the tone, which is mostly dark and disturbing and yet there’s so much dry wit even in the midst of the most dramatic scenes.

Also features possibly one of the greatest opening sequences ever that perfectly sets up the first of many breaks in the fabric of the film. Chabrol’s editing technique is so weird and just adds to the disconcerting feel of the film. He often cuts rapidly from one location to another which moves the action along really rapidly but also makes it almost impossible to get a grip on the geography of the space. Especially true in the scenes set in the boarding house, which is like half the film. And I love how that contrasts with the sequence in the tram where, rather unusually for the film, we see two characters stuck in the same space for an extended period of time (plus, what a great homage to Sunrise).

As much as I love the opening sequence, the denouement is even more surprising. It’s not what I was expecting at all and yet, it’s perfect and unforgettable.