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This one is all mood and atmosphere and feels like a fever dream. The film it reminded me of the most is Tsai’s The Hole with the repetitive images of rain water dripping over empty structures and the dystopic vision of a city abandoned by its inhabitants. It’s a terribly unsettling film especially because of how real Nikolaidis’s vision of this world feels and also because of how little information he gives us on the characters and the world. It’s left to us to deduce how things came to be this way and it’s never quite clear if the worst is behind them or yet to come. There’s a huge sense of dread that lingers over the whole film and it feels a bit like an assault on the senses as a result.

But it’s not just a scary sci-fi film. The first half especially has the woman talking about the past and enjoying the last few remnants of what used to be. The stark devastation of the outside is contrasted nicely by the plush, comfortable interior of the woman’s apartment. There are still old films running in the movie theatre except now there’re strange criminal elements looking to attack any audience members. I mentioned a sense of dread earlier but the sense of sadness is perhaps even more palpable.