It took me a while to get into this one despite the fact that it features two actors I really like. Somehow I just couldn’t get into the story and found myself distracted all the time. This despite the fact that the film is really beautiful to look at. The set design is immaculate and there is this huge attention to detail while recreating Montmartre at that particular time. The whole intrigue aspect of the film just felt weak to me for some reason and the way it is presented in the film just made it seem even more silly to me. pixote said it perfectly.

I hate the score of Last Metro.  Even time Depardieu meets Christian or does something a little weird, there’s a music cue that screams, THIS IS MYSTERIOUS AND INTERESTING! EVEN THOUGH YOU WON’T UNDERSTAND WHY UNTIL LATER!

Yeah, so things like that just kept taking me out of the film and I ended up stopping halfway through the film. Things got better when I got back to it later. The portrayal of the specific challenges in mounting a play and the familial nature of the troupe was all pretty fun to watch. I think what I liked best was the depiction of the theater scene in Paris during WWII. The political stuff is all really subtle and the emphasis is more on how these particular individuals are dealing with everthing that’s happening. Despite that, somehow I just never got invested in the specifics of the story itself. Deneuve was still fantastic to watch though and the rest of the cast is great too.

It also felt a lot more conventional than the other Truffaut films I’ve watched and this one never evoked that huge sense of joy that those other films always make me feel. Maybe if I hadn’t hoped that this would match the awesomeness of Shoot the Piano Player…..

Grade: C+