I think the comparisons to The Third Man might’ve hurt this one a little. As such, this wasn’t bad at all. The idea of viewing everything from this Philipe’s perspective is definitely interesting and I like the way the film doesn’t bother with any major lessons to be learnt or justice to be served and so on. I also really liked the chemistry between the kid and the butler which is crucial for buying into the rest of the plot. It’s visually pretty cool and Reed manages to shoot that one flight of stairs from a hundred different angles and the scenes are always filled with interesting details. The best scenes in the film are when the kid is running through the streets terrified of what he has just seen. It’s gorgeous to look at with the wet cobble-stoned streets and lots of low angles and shadows. That part kinda reminded me of The Third Man. Ultimately, the film just didn’t feel suspenseful enough to me somehow and ultimately everyone hiding stuff from everyone else just got a bit tiresome for me.

Grade: C+