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Wow, this was pretty great albeit depressing as hell. Such a great portrait of a particular society and time and such an atypical sports film (not sure I should even be calling it that). The very qualities that make Frank successful on the field keep him from being any good for anything else. Richard Harris and Rachel Roberts are both just brilliant and complement each other so well. Roberts quiet performance is such a brilliant contrast to Frank’s seething rage and despair. Totally brilliant. Harris definitely reminded me of Brando, especially when he’s mumbling after he loses his teeth. He just really broke my heart in this movie. Loved the photography in the film too. There were a couple of scenes that felt a bit dated to me.. the restaurant scene in particular felt a little too big to me. I watched about 3/4ths of Billy Liar on TCM last month and I think I liked that better than this film but between the two of them, I am glad I am finally catching up on the Angry Young Men marathon.

Grade: B+