Pretty charming albeit nowhere as awesome as Little Fugitive. The opening shot of a wedding party on a busy street is really great with all these sights and sounds filling the screen. However, as the film proceeded, I did find the acting and the dialogues rather fake. The whole thing with the kids father flirting with Bea felt a little overdone as well. I totally loved the kid though.

What I did love were the scenes on the streets. The exchanges with the Italian woman selling snacks on the street and the entire sequence with the street festival are just so beautifully shot that I felt like I had stepped back in time. Gorgeous. I also had fun with the engagement party scenes as such.

I also liked the basic idea of a photographer who on the one hand complains about having to make compromises for his career but then seems not to notice the good things surrounding him. Both the Engel films I’ve watched have this simplicity to them that really appeals to me.

Am definitely glad I watched it.

Grade: B