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I just found this utterly compelling. As it is, I am convinced that I can listen to Herzog talk about stuff endlessly. Plus, this is set in the Amazon jungle and is a behind-the-scenes look at a film I really enjoyed watching. I love the metaness of this documentary.. the story of one obsessed individual risking it all to make a film about another crazy man who risked everything to try and achieve his dream of building an opera house in the middle of a jungle. The lost footage with Robards and Jagger, the political backdrop, the insane attempt at physically dragging a boat over a hill — I am still not sure but it’s possible that I loved this even more than the original film (even though it did make me desperately want to go back and rewatch Fitzcarraldo and the other Kinski-Herzog films). I think the film mostly highlights the insanity of the venture (and maybe challenges Herzog’s views on nature) but I couldn’t help admiring Herzog’s vision and conviction! This would’ve been stunning even if it was completely fictional but knowing that all this did actually happen, I am just awestruck. Loved it.

Now I guess I should watch Lost in La Mancha and Heart of Darkness too.

Grade: B