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Oh my! This was such an amazingly fun time. This documentary was particularly fun for me given that I lived in Los Angeles for nearly 4 years and have my own PoV on the city but I think I would find this riveting even if that wasn’t the case. I already love the basic concept of the film — to chronicle the celluloid legend of Los Angeles as a city and contrast it to the reality as a resident sees it. But this is also simultaneously a documentary about films and the illusions they create. I think I really enjoy these very personal, eccentric sort of documentaries (My Winnipeg comes to mind as well which reminds me that I should probably watch Of Time and the City sometime soon too). Really made me rethink what we mean by urban renewal and growth. Loved the way he stitches together all this footage (there must’ve been like a 100 movies he uses clips from I think). I mean, I never knew till I watched this that I wanted to watch Two-Minute Warning and Xanadu Cheesy. Highly highly recommended.

Grade: A-