Even though I had already heard that this was going to be the most un-sports-movie-like sports movie ever, I was still surprised by it. It’s structurally pretty conventional in some ways and yet it manages to escape a lot of the trappings of trying to keep the plot moving along all the time and instead lets us sit and just savor simple moments that I think are what make the movie so enjoyable.

I think my cheeks began to hurt at around the 1/3rd mark because I was smiling so much. It reminded me of The Wrestler a bit in how well it captured the camaraderie between the players in the academy in the Dominican Republic – the practice sessions, the joking around in the dining room and so on. The entire film feels really natural and honest and although I was a little afraid when i realized that he was going to live with an American family after landing in the US, I think the Americans as well as the immigrants are portrayed rather fairly.

Algenis Perez Soto, who plays the lead, is really amazing. Very charismatic and SO HOT! He really manages to convey a whole range of emotions through his eyes. I thought the whole film was really well-cast. I don’t know the name of the actor Andre Holland, who plays the player from Stanford is really amazing too.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the ending initially but now I think it’s kind of perfect. Oh and the scenes in the Dominican Republic (probably my favorite part in the film) just made me really homesick for India Undecided.

Grade: B