I shoulda moved to Hong Kong when I had the chance Angry. This movie is like this amazing valentine to so many awesome things – the city of Hong Kong (probably my favorite city in the world after Bombay), caper movies, French New Wave (I am watching a bunch of those films these days and their fingerprints are all over this one) and it’s just full of style and cool.

What an amazing charming beginning this movie has. Simon Yam is just so likable. The opening shots with him just preparing to go out and then that seamless shot of them going about their business… sigh. I think I might have a crush on Johnnie To without even having met the man.

Kelly Lin is no less charming and oozes sex appeal. I can see that the film isn’t perfect. It’s really just this huge sensory experience. The music, the long takes, the visual flourishes – they don’t necessarily add up to anything. But the whole experience is so hypnotic and just so much fun to watch that I really don’t care at all. The rain scene is every bit as perfect as promised. I love Johnnie To’s world in this film and I could probably just spend hours watching it and the people who inhabit it.

Just writing about it is making me smile Smiley.

Grade: B