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I should’ve never listened to pixote. Not when I have just one day left to make a monthly top 5 and this month is already chock full of amazing discoveries! And yet, I know right away that this is going on the list. And why shouldn’t it? This movie has everything I love in it. It has songs, amazingly French love scenes where the neighbor-friend just pops into the house for a fun romp, flashbacks, jump cuts, definite nods to noir, it has amazingly funny moments and moments that absolutely broke my heart; it has this brilliant shootout in the snow and most importantly, it just seems to bear this stamp of having been made by someone who loves the movies! Oh and did I mention that it’s also incredibly cool?

I love the way the movie starts off being funny and whimsical and somehow takes a turn into some seriously dark stuff but then it gets comical again or really romantic and like Charlie and Léna, I too am just happy and smiling. Those first few scenes when Charlie is walking Léna home and trying to hold her hand or just graze his arm against hers – just so sweet and romantic and perfect. And when Lena says, “You know, on my birthday, when I said ‘A big kiss for everyone’, it was so I could kiss you”, all I wanted was for them to be in love and happy like that forever.

The two toughies chasing Charlie and his brother are just hilarious and were one of my favorite things about the film.

The cinematography is really rather unique and awesome. There are shots that seem underlit (especially in the beginning I think) but they still work in terms of the atmosphere and all the scenes in the bar and the streets are all fabulous. And the ending shot after the shootout when we are back in the bar – just feels so heartbreaking and yet apt.

I am just so in love with this film right now Kiss. I can’t wait to keep rewatching it and I feel pretty sure that it’s going on my top films list of all time!

Thank you pix – You just made today completely awesome.

Grade: A-