This was pretty fun and apparently I love Bette Davis. She just has so much presence and is so charming and feisty Kiss. I just love the way she is able to play this rather self-centered (on paper at least), spoilt, rich girl who can’t think of anything but parties and horses and dresses and make her seem totally 3-dimensional and likable. And she’s so charming when she falls in love with the doctor. I was pretty amazed that the movie never really tries to change her personality or anything. Also loved the interaction between her and Anne.
The plot is super melodramatic, of course. And yet, I loved the way the film doesn’t try to hide stuff from the audience ever. Some of the drama was definitely a bit much for me. When the words “PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE” came flying out of the page onto the screen, I definitely cringed a little.
So yeah, pleasant experience but I just like her films with William Wyler so much more (I think I’ve only watched Jezebel, The Little Foxes and The Letter).

Also, I could’ve used more Bogart Sad. Oh and also, Is Ronald Reagan this boring in all his films?

Grade: B-