Alright, I’m just kidding :p. This was pretty fun exactly the way duder’s clip led me to believe it would be. Like I mentioned over on another thread, right off the bat 3 people are dead in three different fun ways and at least one of them involves an explosion. This is just what the doctors prescribed, right? I had a lot of fun with Arnold being the big ol’ softie dad who just wants to go fishing with his daughter.

and loved the fact that they don’t think to maintain this for more than like 2 minutes because god forbid we start to miss the guns and explosions, right! Then we have the hilarious warning from Gen. Kirby, “Someone’s killing your men. It could be the Syrians, South Americans, Russians, or a terrorist group.”


So yeah, the plot is kinda loose and the acting is pretty bad across the board (Cindy is particularly irritating) and none of that mattered much because I laughed a lot at the awesomeness of Arnold’s dialogue delivery and his iconic abilities (OMG OMG OMG, he just rolled that station wagon down the hill without brakes…. WTF, he just jumped off a plane!). That station wagon chase sequence was really pretty awesome actually. I didn’t quite get why that Bennett guy dresses like that but whatever. I think the biggest strength of the film for me was that all the laughs I got from it weren’t just unintentional. Arnold has some great lines and the scene where Cindy blows up that police van is pretty great too. The entire sequence on that island is totally fun to watch and I couldn’t help but imagine kids like th ones in Son of Rambow watching this and totally loving it.

So, yeah, I was never bored and I think I would’ve tuned off on the action sequences if they weren’t so hilarious and I’m pretty sure I spotted some continuity mistakes but I wasn’t really taking notes, so can’t remember them. And dare I say this, I think Arnold is really kinda likable at least in this movie.

It didn’t make me want to go out and rent every Arnold movie (or every explosion-filled) movie that I can lay my hands on and I think I’ve had my dose for a while but I really expected this to be a chore to sit through and it wasn’t. I had a pretty tough day at work the last couple of days and this was kinda perfect for a Saturday afternoon.

Thanks everyone for your kind support Smiley.

Grade: B