I have much less to say about this film because frankly, I don’t think it’s very good either. At least in case of The General’s Son, I could pick on a bunch of stuff that were at least amusing to me in their ridiculousness. This was mostly just bland. It’s about two guys who are good friends. One of them is a boxer who has given up the sport after a string of losses. The other is just a con artist, a swindler who seems to have no qualms about robbing even his best friend. These friends end up getting drawn apart and then getting back together several times during the film, mostly because of the swindler’s antics and in the meantime, the boxer falls in love with a girl.

It’s all rather generic and predictable and there’s not a whole lot of interesting stuff going on.

But somehow, I could get myself interested in these two leads a lot more than the leads in the other film. Their friendship was sort of intriguing to me. I think their relationship might not seem credible to some people but somehow I bought into that and was even a little charmed by some of the scenes where they’re just hanging out together, getting drunk or running around town.

Oh, and I couldn’t help smiling when the film started off with “Love Potion No.9” playing over the opening credits Cheesy! The entire film has a ton of cheesy English music that randomly starts playing from time to time, sometimes rather inappropriately turning what could be a serious scene into a comical one. I found out later after googling a bunch of lyrics that a lot of the songs are by this band called Sparklehorse that I don’t think I have heard of before.

Another plus for the movie is the fact that at least one of the two leads is really fun to watch. He seems really uninhibited on screen and I think he manages to make a rather unpleasant and almost entirely negative character quite likeable! In fact, sometimes, the other guy felt far too earnest and square in comparison and consequently less interesting overall. He just seems to want to do good and work hard and be a good boxer and good boyfriend and all that whereas our man here has a penchant for this:

Grade: D