First of all, visually, this might one of the most memorable films I’ve watched! The whole science fiction landscape with it’s industrial look of a place that may have something paranormal going on – this film totally clinches that look. In contrast the color sequences are so dazzling and lush. There is a dream sequence around the middle of the film that may just be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen on film! Both these films, Eureka and The Stalker just demand to be watched on the big screen Sad.

I am a little wary of talking about the actual subject matter of the film because it all feels really allegorical and to a great extent, I mostly went along for the ride mesmerized by the visual elements and engaged by the discussions and the philosophical debates but not necessarily looking to come away with with a nice pat 2-line plot synopsis. I loved the basic conceit of The Room as a place which grants your deepest desire and the way the entire film anticipates this place. Despite knowing deep down that the film wouldn’t really deliver on this anticipation, I was constantly drawn in and could understand the Writer and Professor’s motives in undertaking this journey.

I also felt like the entire film has this strange melancholic quality to it as if the search for this place is the only solace from the world outside which seems unbearable to these two men. The whole film seems to embody so many human concerns without seeming pretentious or pretending to know the answers.

The ending shot with the daughter and the monologue from the wife are so great too. I definitely feel like it’s a film that is worth watching multiple times. But just the visuals alone and the amazing long takes were enough to keep me totally engaged for the entire duration. Plus, it stayed in my head for a long time after.

Grade: B+