N.Y., N.Y. (Francis Thompson, 1957)

Just twenty minutes of these beautiful kaleidoscopic shots of New York City with distorted lenses at different times of the day. Completely mesmerizing to watch and the music is great too. It’s not as quirky and fun as Entr’acte but as someone who loves still photography, I was really taken with it.

Grade: B

Manhatta (1921)

While N.Y., N.Y is breathtaking in terms of its colors and very innovative in terms of the visuals, Manhatta just feels like such a loving portrait. Cinematographer Paul Strand and painter Charles Sheeler photograph different parts of Manhattan on a busy morning it seems like. The camera feels really still and it almost feels like a montage of still images except for the steam rising from the ferry boats or the chimneys and so on. Visually really impressive and a really unique opportunity to go back in time. The images are interspersed with title cards with Walt Whitman’s poetry but really, I’d be happy just looking at the images for hours.

Grade: B