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This was my third time watching this movie and first time on the big screen. I remember that I was underwhelmed the first time around. Then I watched it again and really liked it and found it really beautiful and romantic but also felt like things were a little all over the place. This time around, I absolutely loved the film. I guess I knew the plot well enough by now and wasn’t trying to make proper sense of the story and the chronology and so on. Plus, Chris Doyle’s cinematography is breathtakingly beautiful and this time, I was able to just let the movie wash over me and envelop me in its awesomeness. Tony Leung and Faye Wong are just so charming. Faye Wong just lights up the screen every time she smiles (especially in the scene where Tony Leung has just read her martial art novels). Ziyi Zhang is breathtakingly beautiful. The scenes involving Tony Leung’s science fiction tale are mindblowing to look at. Just such a tragic and super-romantic film…  Thank you, HFA!

Grade: A-