So two old friends who presumably haven’t seen each for a while go on a camping trip and nothing much happens. There are some pretty long stretches of silence in the movie (or at least it felt that way to me) where all we hear are nature sounds. And yet, it is during these silent stretches that we really get to see just how much the relationship between these two friends has frayed over time. What the film does really really well is to use the most simplest of gestures and scenes (the friends joking at the gas station, the awkward lulls in the conversation, the sequence where they are just shooting at cans, the staccato nature of a lot of the exchanges) to really bring to life the current state of the relationship between these two men. The fact that most of the action (huh?) is set in an isolated wooded forest further emphasizes the isolation that both characters seem to be experiencing in their lives. There is no melodramatic showdown. Just a constant sense of despair and sadness that runs through the entire film. Bonus points for the fact that most of the movie is set in the Cascade mountains which made me really nostalgic. Plus Yo La Tengo plays in the background (sorry pix)! Plus, another movie with a really nice dog and this time, nothing bad happens to the dog! Hmm, I may as well say it. I liked this more than Wendy and Lucy.

Grade: B