So just in case the title and dvd cover aren’t self-explanatory enough, the movie starts with a lecture on witchcraft and magic through the ages accompanied by suppsedly morbid illustrations with witches, goblins, ghouls and other assorted things that go bump in the night. I think the intention was to warn us of the evil they are capable of but honestly, most of them just looked to me like they were having a regular swell time riding around on their brooms without any clothes on and clipping each others toenails.

Right after this and without any further context, we see the witch and her goddaughter (the victim-to-be) generally checking up on stuff in front of the magic mirror and being visited upon by random apparitions like our friend below:

Thankfully the witch godmother remembers to inquire about possible plots to murder her goddaughter Elena but despite the early warning, she can do nothing to save her since the dark lords have declared that she can’t be saved (also because otherwise the movie would be kind of done at this point).

Anyway, so moving on, Elena gets murdered by her husband and the movie transforms into Rebecca with the witch becoming the sinister-looking housekeeper and the appearance of Rosita Arenas as the angelic new bride.

This is then followed by a series of silly shenanigans where the husband and the new bride panic at every little sound or movement without any adequate reason.

A few more cheesy special effects later, the movie switches gears yet again. By this point, the pretty new bride has had her face and hands burnt and is in bandages all the time thereby prompting husband to turn into a mad scientist who vows to develop a formula to return his wife to her former glory.

The secret formula it turns out is something closely akin to playdough but luckily for us, husband dearie is quite the expert.

Reconstructing her hands turn out to be a lot trickier for some reason and involve stolen corpses, the appearance of an assistant, a pair of bumbling cops who accurately infer (sans any investigative work) that this is the work of a maniac. Some more corny special effects follow  and there’s some stuff with mutilated bodies and hands crawling around by themselves. Okay, I admit that some of these were not too bad and this reconstruction of the broken mirror was kind of neat.

Finally, revenge is extracted and justice is restored or something like that.

More seriously, I am not really sure about this film belonging in the marathon. At least, The Curse of the Crying Woman had some cool visuals to recommend it. I really didn’t find anything original about this one. The acting was soap-opera bad and the movie really wasn’t scary at all. All that being said, I have to admit that I had a lot of fun with it in a “so bad its good” sorta way! I mean, I definitely laughed at this more than I did at a lot of the comedy movies I watched from last year. So yeah, maybe you should all still watch it!

Grade: C-