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I loved All the Real Girls and after watching and really liking Shotgun Stories recently, I felt compelled to check out David Gordon Green’s latest feature. I am just completely disappointed and underwhelmed by this movie. Firstly, it reveals its hand right away by opening with the sound of gunshots in the distance just in case we didn’t know we were going to watch a tragedy unfold. Every form of suburban malaise seems to be on display here. The whole storyline with Arthur’s parents is paper-thin and clichéd and only becomes sillier over time. Olivia Thirlby’s character seems to possess every classic feature of the manic pixie dream girl character – why, she even wears glasses and takes beautiful B&W pictures with an ancient twin-lens reflex camera, ugh. All the dramatic stuff just felt loud and overbearing to me. The tragedies keep on coming in succession and after a while, I didn’t even care what happened to these people.

Grade: C-