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Echo everything roujin said about this one. Firstly, I just didn’t see why Frost is so eager to bag this interview. But that’s a minor gripe.The documentary-like scenes were just a distraction and just took me out of the movie. I found all the stuff about them preparing for the interview and the first two days of the interview not very interesting at all and mostly felt like I was just continuing to watch so I could get to the end, which I admit was pretty great to watch. Frank Langella is definitely very good in the movie but apparently I hate Nixon’s mannerisms too much as well. Rebecca Hall has little to do but wear nice dresses and look really pretty unfortunately but I have to admit that she does this incredibly well Smiley. Ultimately, I just wasn’t interested enough for the bulk of the movie.

I didn’t really at all understand why Frost wouldn’t prepare harder for the interviews given that so much is at stake for him. Did that late-night phone-call really happen? If not, then I hate the use of it as a device to raise the stakes for Frost.

Grade: C