I loved how small and intimate this film felt throughout. I loved the opening scenes where not much is spoken and it’s just the camera taking us through the story and right there, it establishes the almost maternal bond Wendy shares with Lucy. I also loved the subsequent long take of their breakfast ritual which without any sentimentality or judgment portrays the indignities associated with living life off the grid. I was totally drawn into Wendy’s story even though it frequently felt like there wasn’t really much happening on screen per se and her increasing desperation is only evident from these really small moments and details and the subtle changes in the tone of Michelle Williams’ voice. I totally agree with everything everyone has said about her performance. I loved her in this movie. Also echo jbiss’s comments on the score. The tracking shot at the pound was heartbreaking and I actually really liked the jungle scene (I think Michelle Williams perfectly conveys all the fear and tension of the scene without letting out anything but a small cry!). I was pretty devastated by the end.

All that being said, I did have problems with the script. I’m not sure if these are the same issues pix had but I thought the whole grocery store scene which is what really escalates the plot and is what is responsible for Wendy and Lucy being separated felt forced and out of place. It just felt lazy to me. Likewise, something about the last 20 minutes or so just felt out of place to me. Wendy shows a lot of strength and determination throughout and some of her actions at this point felt inconsistent to me and like they were there for the script to move to a logical conclusion.

Overall, I liked a lot of things about the film and especially loved Williams’ performance.

Grade: C+