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Really, this movie isn’t about anything but about just spending a few days with Poppy and her friends and I enjoyed every minute of it. Based on everything I had heard about the movie, I was expecting Poppy to be so annoying that it’s impossible to get over that and actually get through the movie. This didn’t happen to me at all. She definitely seems annoying especially in that opening scene at the bookstore but somehow I also found her interesting and compelling enough to want to know more. As the movie proceeds, we get to see a lot more nuance to Poppy’s character in my opinion and I definitely fell in love with her eventually – not that i thought she was perfect but that she was just another flawed human being but one who is really engaged and invested in the people around her. I loved the scene with the homeless guy and just the fact that she listens to him made it evident to me that she isn’t just some character who lives in this imaginary utopia and thinks the world is full of bunny rabbits and candy. I loved Sally Hawkins performance and really had a great time with the movie.

It was rather interesting watching both these movies back to back because they both feel really small and intimate and are both focused almost entirely on a single female character and hinges on how invested you can get in their story. Luckily, I enjoyed both the characters a lot and it made for a great Filmspots-eligible double bill.

Grade: B