Reviews of movies I watched on the plane:

The Duchess or The One with Keira Knightley and not the French Movie with that Awesome Title

Didn’t I already watch this last year except then it had Kirsten Dunst in it and more colors, better music and LOTS more cake? I wished I was watching that again instead Sad. Also, it’s really annoying when Keira Knightley spouts the most mundane and boring lines as though they are full of charm and wit. Ugh. I’m tired of stories about rich people and their inability to have healthy (sexual) relationships.

Grade: D+


Dirty old man, Philip Roth’s sexual fantasy. Yeah, Penelope Cruz is nude a lot in the movie and that’s all good (Swissair shows these films uncensored!). Apart from that, it was just completely boring despite the fact that the cast is full of people I like. I thought the movie couldn’t get any worse and then it becomes sappy and tear-jerky and preachy and gets even worse. Yeah, rich people and their dysfunctional relationships.

Grade: D+

Mamma Mia
This was a little scary. I couldn’t finish it.

Grade: F

Ghost Town

I guess I at least smiled, if not laughed a few times and Ricky Gervais was reasonably fun to watch. Predictable and corny but more watchable than the rest of the stuff above.

Grade: C-