Right now, I am rather besotted with Lynne Ramsay’s debut feature set during the 1973 garbage strike in Scotland. It’s one of the most heartfelt, lyrical and beautifully photographed coming-of-age stories I’ve seen on film. There’s a lot to love about this film but what really stood out for me is how true to life the depiction of childhood confusion and family relationships felt to me. The film has a deep undercurrent of violence running throughout but is also interspersed with really touching moments of childhood optimism, hope and love. The movie has a dreamlike, haunting quality to it and sets up a very particular and amazing mood (I felt the same way about Morvern Callar). My favorite parts were definitely the family interactions. I loved the little sister, the love and warmth between the mother and son (one of my favorite scenes in the film is when the boy notices the hole in his mother’s stocking while she’s sleeping… just so sweet and poignant), the growing estrangement between the father and son and just how authentic everything feels in the movie. She really has an amazing ability to depict the secrets world that children inhabit.. the petty cruelties they are capable of and the very grave sense of guilt and despair they can feel. Another movie with a terrific ending. I really liked the open-endedness of the ending, not to mention how awesome the ending scene is to look at. Oh and the scene in the bus when Nick Drake’s Cello song starts playing… so great! Just an amazing movie that I hope more people will watch . Incidentally, does anyone know what she’s doing these days Sad?

Grade: B+