Hey, I had no idea this movie was going to be in B&W. After watching and loving Les Amants de Pont Neuf a few weeks ago, I was eager to watch Carax’s debut film. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. This film has tons of style and I was really surprised by how assured it seemed for a debut feature. Shot in gorgeous black and white, the film has a frantic and somewhat dreamlike look that perfectly matches the plot and the theme. We basically follow two characters, both of whom seem incapable of dealing with loneliness and seem prone to a self-destructive kind of love. Despite not being a part of the plot, per se, the entire film reflects a love for cinema. The movie reminded me of Godard’s films but this is also reflected in conversations where I felt that the protagonist had received his ideas on romance almost entirely from films. The film has some really endearing moments that totally drew me into the film and made me fall in love with it. It’s also got some really funny moments in the midst of all the wistfulness.
Denis Lavant is just amazing in the film. He somehow manages to convey so much frustration, tenderness, insanity and desperation and sometimes he manages to do all this at once! Even if Carax’s meditation on the dark side of relationships doesn’t intrigue you, the movie is worth watching just for the cinematography alone.

Grade: B B+